Thursday, 10 November 2016

What are you waiting for

What are you waiting for? 

Today history was made in America. A bankrupt man who has never been in politics; never served his country in a government role or in the military one was elected President of the United States of American. 

Two years ago he had a dream to become a candidate for the Presidency. The Republicans made jokes about him and ridiculed him. He put a plan together and persevered until he'd eliminated all the other candidates and got the Republican nomination.

Even with the nomination Republican Party members distanced themselves from him. Yet he continued to work his plan and take action every single day until he achieved his dream. He campaigned day after day putting one foot in front of the other. When every piece of dirt was found and thrown at him he kept his head high and his belief in himself even higher. When the polls said he couldn't win he kept campaigning and working his plan. He pulled together a team of people and together they overcame every obstacle in his way to win an election and make him  President Elect of the United States of America. 

You don't need to like or agree with his politics the point here is he had a dream, a plan and took action every day until his dream was achieved. 
Just over 2 decades ago a car crash left me unable to walk or move my right arm. When the doctors gave up on me I built a team of people around with the same focus and determination as me that I would walk again. It took a year to walk, another year to master stairs, 5 years to get back on a tennis court and 7 years to get back on skis. A dream, a plan and action every single day brought the results I craved. An ability to walk and live the life I wanted to. 

These same values saw me borrow £300 on a credit card and turn it into £10 million within 4 years all through having a dream, putting a plan together and taking action every single day. 

If a bankrupt man can become president. If I can learn to walk and build incredible wealth and lifestyle what greatness can you achieve? All you need is a dream, a plan and to take action every day until you succeed. 

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What are you waiting for? Start now your dreams aren't getting any younger.