Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Successful or Not.....

Victoria Beckham is a woman I admire. 

She worked hard and become a famous singer.  Not only famous but part of one of the most successful girl groups in history – The Spice Girls.  Victoria Beckham married David a very famous footballer.  They have a marriage that has survived for 15 years which is very unusual for famous couples.   Mrs Beckham changed careers and became an award winning fashion designer with an estimated £30 million business fashion empire and a couple of weeks ago opened her first store in London. Only last week she was made a special ambassador for the UNAIDS.  I think you can call Victoria Beckham successful.

Now let’s look at a woman I know who is 55 years old.  Her body is riddled with arthritis and she struggles with everyday activities.  Her doctors tell her she should be in a wheelchair but she refuses to use it or even a walking stick.  Instead, she pushes herself to live as normal a life as she can with daily walks and an exercise regime.  How many people would call her successful? 

The sad truth is not many. Yet this woman is very successful in her own right.

The dictionary states the definition of success is achievement.  The 55 year old has a goal to continue walking unaided as long as she possibly can.  Everyday she manages to walk is a day of achievement or success.  So why don’t we recognise this and call her successful?

Have we become so conditioned in society or blasé that we only recognise success if fame and wealth comes with it?

Maybe it’s time to take a step back. Look at all the successes around us and give genuine praise where praise is due.